Data Analytics

Information gathering and sharing is a primary means of preventing, detecting and deterring insurance fraud and vehicle theft. Identifying and providing questionable trends, patterns, entities and organized rings to our members and the law enforcement community is a distinctive hallmark of the NICB.

Our Data Analytics Department serves as the industry focal point for collective analysis. NICB’s skilled analysts gather, analyze, and report industry trends and questionable claim activity to NICB members and law enforcement agencies. Among other functions, the Data Analytics Department:

  • Provides weekly strategic, case and law enforcement alerts
  • Creates and manages useful online databases (clinic inspections, cloned vehicles, etc.)
  • Supports NICB members with analytical training and services
  • Researches and publishes studies on insurance fraud topics
  • Conducts extensive crime trend analysis

Contact Information

Brian Smidt
Vice President of Data Analytics
Phone: 847.544.7026

For law enforcement assistance, please call 847.544.7002.